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Silverchair the one group i can never get enough of:)

faker: addicted romantic

the j award - nominated albums
Five albums in, and SILVERCHAIR are well and truly embedded in Australia's rock 'n roll landscape. They've come a long way since triple j first played their music way back in 1994, and the release of Young Modern shows that it's no fluke as they continue to push boundaries while writing some damn fine rock songs.

Five years after their classic Diorama, Silverchair returned in March 2007 with an album that brings them full circle. Back to a place where three guys are making music for the sheer joy of it. Forward to a place where the adventurous musical spirit of singer/songwriter Daniel Johns continues to expand but this time is channelled primarily through a sinewed rock band with a point to prove. Young … but modern.
"We started out as 3 kids making music in our parents' lounge rooms just because we enjoyed how it felt when we played together - there were no expectations from anybody so we just did what we liked", explains the group's 27 year old front man. "Once we started putting out albums it gradually changed and we felt a lot of pressure – some of it self-imposed – and that lead to lots of problems. So this time around I wanted to recapture that feeling of endless possibility. We intentionally removed all the pressures and rediscovered the fun of just playing music together again. That's really what this album is all about as far as I'm concerned.
young modern Here's Daniel Johns' reaction to the nomination:

"There's no radio station in the world like triple j. They have a totally artistic focus that shapes the musical taste of our whole country. For them to single out Young Modern in this way therefore really means a lot to Ben and Chris and I. It's the kind of respect that's very hard to earn so we feel honoured and we don't take it lightly."
Young Modern / Silverchair 

Producers: Nick Launay / Daniel Johns
Label: EMI / Eleven


1. Modern Station
2. Straight Lines
3. If You Keep Losing Sleep
4. Reflections of a Sound
5. Those Thieving Birds (Part 1) / Strange Behaviour / Those Thieving Birds (Part 2)
6. The Man That Knew Too Much
7. Waiting All Day
8. Mind Reader
9. Low
10. Insomnia
11. All Across The World

Hi everyone:)
These guys are truly fantastic, and really worth checking out....
Silverchair from Newcastle is really one of the best bands i know. Their new album "young modern" is inspiring, full of vision and just wonderful be honest the men are not really ugly.....just saying:)
Have a great day
p:s Diorama as you can see the cover of of the best albums ever written....

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